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Volunteers Needed

WE NEED YOU! Putting on an event such as Pets in the Park takes a lot of work. In order to make it manageable, we need more committee volunteers to help coordinate the event details so that it is not overwhelming for any one person. Several past committee volunteers have had to step back due

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Saskatoon Pets in the Park Volunteers

Saskatoon Pets in the Park 2015 Volunteer Video

We made a little video to provide information on what it is like to volunteer at Saskatoon Pets in the Park. In the video, we hear from some volunteers that have been with Pets in the Park for 10 years already. We talk to 5 people who have volunteered and here how long they have

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Volunteers Help Make Pets in the Park Happen!

April 12 – 18 is National Volunteer Week.  Saskatoon Pets in the Park Inc. is run entirely by volunteers.  There are no staff.  The people who spend time organizing the Pets in the Park event – and trust me – it does take a LOT of time – do so with love.  Time is at

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Donations of time are priceless!

Pets in the Park event has grown rapidly over these 10 years and, with that growth, the number of people to help organize the event also has grown.  More organizers to join the teams are still needed. The ultimate goal is to have a minimum of two, sometimes three, people on the sub-committees.  This allows for

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