THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!!!

As you can see from some of the photos that are coming in, there were a lot of people and a lot of things happening. We are grateful to those who came and enjoyed the day with us, the vendors who spent time with us, and certainly the sponsors who believe in this great event and great cause as community minded businesses and individuals.

We are VERY grateful to all the volunteers who donated their valuable timeto help make this event what it is. The coordinators who spend months in preparation and those who come to help before, during and after the event. There is a long list of names and we would be afraid to miss even those who showed up on event day to volunteer last minute.

We thank each and every one of you! You are awesome and the animals thank you!


If you enjoyed the event as a volunteer and want to sign up early for next year’s event (Sunday, July 10) please email us at

If you enjoyed the event but not as a volunteer – please consider donating even an hour of your time to helping make next year’s event bigger and better.  Thank you so much for your support.