WARNING!  Attending this year’s 10th Anniversary Pets in the Park may make your face sore —- from all the smiling.

There is always so much happening at Pets in the Park.  Always fun.  Always lots of smiles.  And it is even better this year with lots of new stuff happening!  Don’t forget to stay in touch on our Facebook and Instagram page.  And don’t forget to use #yxepip on your photos!


8:30 to 9:30 AM Walkathon Registration at PotashCorp tent (20th St park entrance)

9:00 to 12 NOON              Registration for Junior Handler’s Showcase at VIP Tent by the stage

9:45 AM                               Walkathon Announcements at Bandshell – Kevin Stanfield

10:00 AM                             Walkathon begins


9:30 AM                               Paws’n Train Rally Obedience

10:00 AM                             Diamonds in the Ruff Flyball

10:30 AM                             Agility

11:15 AM                             River Runners Scenting

11:45 AM                             Dog Tricks

NOON                                   Announcements On Stage

1:00 PM                                First Annual Junior Handers’ Showcase

2:00 PM                                Diamonds in the Ruff Flyball

2:30 PM                                Paws’n Train Rally Obedience

3:00 PM                                Agility


10:55 AM                             Maurice Drouin (piano)   Barry Redford (horn)  with guest jazz singers

11:00 AM                             Maurice, Barry and Guest Singer:  Gesene Djug

12:00 PM                             Official Program Welcome

12:30 PM                             Maurice, Barry and Guest Singer/Recording Artist:  Donna Hay

1:15 PM                                Don Griffith (piano)

1:30 PM                                Maurice, Barry and Guest Singer:  Jaime Donlevy

2:15 PM                                Don Griffith (piano)

3:00 PM                                Maurice, Barry and Guest Singers:  Jacqueline Smith and Graham Dyck



Maurice Drouin, Don Griffith (piano), Barry Redford (trumpet)


Donna Hay, Jamie Donlevy, Graham Dyck, Jaclyn Smith and Gessene Djug


We are also thrilled to have Pizza Hut join us in the concession with their delicious slices of pizza.  We also thank SaskEnergy who are once again joining us with their BBQ truck and our favorite BBQ person, Randy.

MENU for program


We are very excited to have PotashCorp join us as the Pets in the Park Walkathon this year!  It’s going to be a lot of fun.
8:30 to 9:30 AM Walkathon Registration at PotashCorp tent (20th St park entrance)

9:45 AM                               Walkathon Announcements at Bandshell – Kevin Stanfield

10:00 AM                             Walkathon begins

Kick off at 9:45 AM at the Vimy Memorial Bandshell by Kevin Stanfield, Courtney Tait from PotashCorp and the Honourable Mayor Don Atchison and the PIP Honourary Chairperson Mardele Atchison.

Join hundreds of pets and their human families on a beautiful scenic riverbank 5K walk along the South Saskatchewan River.  Great for body and soul as you raise funds to help sick and injured animals.  Free PCS PIP drawstring bag with registration.  Limited quantities only so get signed up before they are gone.

We look forward to seeing you and your furry friends out on the walk!  Thank you to PotashCorp for sponsoring the walkathon.


THEY ARE FINALLY HERE!  Only $5.  Your chance to win a DOGGIE RV!  Over 800 people wanted to buy them, but they aren’t for sale!  The only way you’re able to get one is to win one!  So buy your tickets today!

Nine Prizes include:

  • Doggie RV from Sunridge RV
  • Flowers for a Year ($25 per month) from Blossoms/Anthology
  • Pizza for a Year from Pizza Hut
  • Gift Certificate $250 from Trusted Saskatoon
  • Keg Restaurant Gift Card $150
  • Doggie Basket $100 from Woodridge Vet Clinic
  • Just for You Spa $100 Gift Certificate
  • Gel Nails by Renee $50
  • Gel Nails by Renee $50

Sales cease at midnight on 26 July.  Draw date is 29 July.  Tickets can only be sold within Saskatchewan!  Thank you for your support of the animals!

50/50 DRAW

Oh, what fun!  I wonder how much the 50/50 draw will be in one day’s sales?  What’s your best guess?


So much new stuff happening and one of the most exciting is the Junior Handler’s Showcase.  This is a super fantastic way to allow the kids an opportunity to show off their positive reinforcement dog training skills.  Kids and their dogs are a great combination.  We want them to be a successful team so there is absolutely no pressure for perfection.  It’s all about the kids and their dogs having fun and enjoying their time together.

Registration 9 am to 12 noon at VIP Tent.

Registration fee:  $5

Children – 14 years and under.  First 20 entrants accepted.

Time:  1 pm

Location:  Demo Area, Pets in the Park, Kiwanis Memorial Park

Tasks:  Must demonstrate Sit, Down, Loose Leash Walk – 1 Meter, Slow Paced Heel, Fast Paced Heel, Jump or Hoop is optional and a Favorite Trick.

Rules:  Positive reinforcement training only must be used.  Flat collars, Martingale or Head Halters ONLY permitted.  Standard leash no longer than 6 feet.  PRONG COLLARS AND RETRACTABLE LEASHED ARE NOT PERMITTED.

Please note, experienced dog trainers will be on hand to help and to encourage participants.

Prizes include:

  • Certificate of Participation
  • Coupon from Pizza Hut for a free pizza
  • Dog toy from PetSmart


Did you see the good looking pups on our poster?  They are Vinnie and Annie and they live with the Leslie R.  Isn’t it a great photo?  The photo was taken at the 2014 Pets in the Park event by photographer Erin from High Four Pet Photography.  She’s on board again this year donating her time to help raise funds through taking pet portraits on event day.

Do you want to get a chance at having your dog’s photo on next year’s poster?  It’s easy, just purchase a pet portrait at this year’s event and that photo will go in for consideration.  Requirements that are considered by the selection committee for a poster photo include:

  • natural setting in Kiwanis Memorial Park
  • pet must be on a leash with the owner just out of photo but still holding the leash


It’s wonderful to have PetSmart joining us again.  Their staff provide nail trims for donation to Pets in the Park.  So get your pet spruced up for their pet portrait!  Stop by and say hello to Bob and his crew.


While your pup is off for his nail trim and photo, there time for your kids to get a fun facepainting.  Donations go to Pets in the Park.


TICKET BOOTH:  $35 poker chip

WCVM BOOTH:  Turn in your poker “chip” for your micro “chip”!

Donated by EIDAP and with the assistance of veterinarians and vet students from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at WCVM.

Have you ever come home to find your pet missing?  Gate open?  Door open?  No sight of them anywhere.  Or they run off because something frightened them.  That ache in the pit of your stomach just doesn’t go away thinking of all the terrible things that might happen to them.  Frantic you call all your friends and family and everyone is on the alert.  Suddenly there is a call from Animal Control.  We have your dog and we’ll be right there to drop him off.  You are beyond happy as your pup comes bounding towards you.  The collar is missing so the tags are gone.  How did they know?  Answer – microchip.

The importance of microchips can never be stated often enough.  The microchip tracks you down quickly – as long as you remember to notify the company of any new addresses and/or phone number changes.  Relief is not only felt on your part.  Can you imagine the relief of your best pal and furry companion?  They don’t have to spend a lonely night somewhere wondering if they will ever see you again.  For your piece of mind and theirs, stop by and get them microchipped by the College of Veterinary Medicine students and vets at Pets in the Park.

Cost $35

Piece of Mind – priceless


 2015-07-19 14.13.25

Heh, wanna get a prize!  Just take a photo at Pets in the Park and use the hastag #yxepip  If your photo is selected, you get to choose from remaining prizes.  Be prompt in answering when we notify you.  You have just 48 hours to contact us.  Be quick or someone else will get it!

Prizes include:

  • indoor dog “house”
  • pet beds
  • pet dishes
  • so much more!


2015 map of vendors layout

2015 map of vendors layout

Lots of interesting vendors coming for a visit.  Several who have come every year.  Stop by to say hello and to thank them for supporting the animals.


As usual there are lots of fabulous items up for auction.  Some items include a buy now option.

You will also find a sales table at the Silent Auction tent that include some great Tshirts for sale.  Special event day price of only $25 – $7 of which comes to Pets in the Park.  Also some great window pet alert stickers for your home to alert emergency personnel to the presence of pets.  And other items where the proceeds go to Pets in the Park.


We’ll be out there at Kiwanis Memorial Park come rain or shine!  See you there!


“…it occurred to me that interest in and affection for the animals that share the planet with us may be a more unifying force than any other.”  Nick Clooney, journalist, anchorman, TV host, politician, brother of singer Rosemary Clooney and father of actor George Clooney.