Motorized Cart Needed




Ask anyone who has organized an event the question:  Do you need anything? and they will immediately say YES.  Then out comes the long list that they have in their back pocket.


Some items can be as simple and some items are more complicated.  One item of importance for the Pets in the Park event is:


  • motorized cart. A motorized cart, golf cart for example, is needed to use to set up and take down for the Walkathon.  It will also be needed for First Responders to get to any injuries or illness victims during the Walkathon.  And other event related tasks and duties which are difficult to do by hand.
  • transport for cart. Transport will be necessary to get the cart to the Kiwanis Memorial Park and to return it to its source.  It will be needed by Saturday evening approximately 7 pm.

Please contact us at if you or someone you know is able to help with this.  Thank you!