Volunteers Help Make Pets in the Park Happen!

April 12 – 18 is National Volunteer Week.  Saskatoon Pets in the Park Inc. is run entirely by volunteers.  There are no staff.  The people who spend time organizing the Pets in the Park event – and trust me – it does take a LOT of time – do so with love.  Time is at a premium these days for everyone and for these people who sort through all of their other priorities to make time for organizing this event – well, frankly, I get teary eyed just thinking about it.

The volunteers who come out for the set up and event day are also absolutely amazing.  Last year we had nothing but praise from everyone about the fantastic volunteers.  They do everything from serving you quickly at the concession, to helping you find the pet portraits area, to emptying the trash cans, to doing a million things all day.  Many who just sign up for one task for a short period of time end up helping all day.  Their energy and enthusiasm for the animals and for this event is over and above what was asked of them.

Pets in the Park event started out as simply a way to raise some much needed funds to help take care of that little newborn kitten left in the dumpster and the puppy found wandering with a broken leg and an imbedded cord around his neck.

But what happened was something totally unexpected and truly miraculous – it brought a community together and we all had a blast making it happen.

We truly can not make this event come together without YOU – the Volunteer!  A donation of your time is priceless!

When you come to Pets in the Park on Sunday, 26 July, even if you are not able to volunteer, please thank the volunteers.  Without them, this event would not happen and we all would be missing this extraordinary family day in the sun.

Yah!  Volunteers!

Want to volunteer for the organizing committee or for any other task before, after and of course during the Pets in the Park event?  Complete the volunteer form! We look forward to hearing from you very soon.